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We are Luke

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Update time : 2015-05-12 16:32:00
Hello, we are Luke.
This is a photo we take out of office.

I am David, the right one, In May; we have this photo outside our office.
Follow me, the boy who in my left is Ninja, a Game Boy but hard work.
Then, he is Jessy. A boy who just finishes school, sunshine and diligent, only 2 weeks, he has his first customer.
Follow Jessy, he is Steven, he is the oldest in our office, have experiences in sale.

About the girl, the left one is Zero, a silence girl, she is the best listeners for us;
Mandy, who wear black clothes in picture, she is the sister school to Jessy.
Follow girl is Raser, Who beautiful and luck.
Singing Girl Alice, smile every day, never sad, never upset.

Go ahead, we are Luke. DO THE BEST HAIR FOR YOU!!