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Luke hair, hair line of hair weaves

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Update time : 2018-06-13 15:36:28
Welcome to Luke Hair LLC, maybe you have a question what you get from us?
Hair line=N4+ND+OC+WC,

N4: ‘’N’’ is natural color, ‘’4’’ is 4 different hair lines.
Virgin Remy Hair: with black rubber bands
Top Virgin Hair: with pink rubber bands
Raw Virgin Hair: with sliver rubber bands
Top Raw Hair: with purple rubber bands
ND: ‘’N’’ is Natural color, ‘’D’’ is double drawn.
Double drawn hair: not short hair, 100% full ending.
OC: it is ‘’Ombre Color’’.
2 tone ombre: 1b/#27, 1b/#30, 1b/#33, 1b/#99j, 1b/#613, 1b/red, 1b/pink, 1b/grey, 1b/Orange, 1b/Purple;
5 tone ombre: 1b/#27/1b/#27/1b
C1: ‘’W’’ is whole bundle in same color, ‘’C’’ mean ‘’colored .
  1. #613(blonde)
  2. Dark gold